Filippo Ganna

My Journey, My Jersey - Limited Edition

As a double time trial world champion and Olympic track hero, Filippo Ganna is destined to attack the UCI Hour Record. His limited-edition jersey honors his nickname, his family bond, and his homeland.


A direct referral to Filippo’s homeland can be found at the back of the jersey in the form of an outstanding Italian stripe. The Italian blood plays an important part in Filippo’s life as his family bond is undeniably strong leading to a shared tattoo with his younger sister. An inked anchor symbolizes their never-changing family connection.
filippo ganna jersey back


The Top Ganna logo landed on one of the best spots of the jersey. Filippo’s well-known nickname is inextricably linked to Tony Scott’s action movie Top Gun. This movie title derivative also serves as the name of his biggest fan club led by his younger sister.


Meet the most iconic record in the world of cycling. Cycle as fast as possible for one hour on a Vélodrome. That’s what the UCI Hour Record is all about. Feared by many riders due to the long effort and the insane amount of power to push. One thing’s for sure: preparation is key. That’s why Filippo and team INEOS Grenadiers leave nothing to chance
filippo ganna jersey arm


   Bike ready? Check! Suit ready? Double check! Filippo ready? Let’s go!