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Wear it with pride

Cycling kits for fans of the national teams

Belgian cycling team

In Belgium it rains 200 days a year. It’s cold. It’s muddy. There are cobblestones that can rattle fillings out of your molars. For testing cycling apparel, this is paradise.

If the clothing we produce is good enough for these circumstances, then the clothing is good enough for you.

That’s why we rely on the input of athletes of the Belgian Cycling Team, and that’s why the Belgian Cycling Team relies on us.

netherlands cycling team

The country is different, the circumstances are the same, with a bit more wind. That’s why, only a year after establishing a partnership with Belgian Cycling, we teamed up with the Netherlands cycling team. 

With immediate success. We won our first Olympic gold medal with this national cycling team.

Germany cycling team

Back in 2008, when aerodynamics started to become one of the most discerning factors in cycling,the German national cycling team started looking for a partner with the power and the innovative drive to help them win more medals. 

We became that partner. Countless World and Olympic medals have been won thank’s to our intensive collaboration.

We have been that partner ever since.